Who is “The General?”

The “General”
Permanent General Assurance Corporation (dba “The General Insurance”)
Nashville, TN 37214

Dear “General”:

For what military body are you a general?  Clearly it’s not any of the branches of the US military, as your insignia, uniform, and medals do not correspond with any of our uniform codes.  We know that Colonel Sanders from KFC did a stint in the US Army, and was later commissioned into the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.

I think it’s important to know your status because, let’s face it, you could be a leader of an organization like Al Qaida.  Hiring you to provide auto insurance for us could be seen as supporting terrorism, and nobody wants to go to jail for simply trying to insure their car, right?


Kevin Glennon
Quincy, MA 02171
e:    kevin@kevinglennon.com
t:     @kevinglennon
w:   www.kevinglennon.com

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