NASA – Asteroid Awareness

Charles F. Bolden, Jr
NASA Headquarters
Washington, DC 20546

Dear Charles:

Do you guys have an official policy for how big an asteroid has to be before you pretend to not know about it to keep the general public from panicking?  Like, is there an actual size written down somewhere, or do you just make judgment calls?

Also, does this policy apply to other space objects, like asteroids, centaurs, etc.?

Lastly, as a retired Marine, you are probably the toughest/baddest guy in all of NASA.  I’d imagine that many people in Congress fear you, and that’s why they don’t mess with the NASA budget too much.  Is there anybody in Congress who you think could take you in a fight, or do you think you could take all 535 Senators and Representatives?


Kevin Glennon
Quincy, MA 02171
t:     @kevinglennon

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