Burger King’s Heir

Eric Hirschhorn
Burger King Worldwide
Miami, FL 33126

Dear Eric:

We all know that the Burger King is a healthy, robust man, but for argument’s sake, were something to happen to the King, who is next in line to the throne?


Kevin Glennon
Quincy, MA 02171
e:    kevin@kevinglennon.com
t:     @kevinglennon
w:   www.kevinglennon.com


Dear Kevin,

Thank you for your letter dated 2/25/2014 with respect to the King and his heirs.  Eric is currently engrossed in basketball doing his best to #WatchLikeAKing and save his busted bracket.  I hope I can be of some assistance.

I regret that I am unable to comment on the line of succession for the King.  Although you might expect the matter to be a simple one, the king’s dynasty follows agnatic gavelkind succession law, and the intersection of pre-medieval inheritance practices with modern IP law is somewhat convoluted.

As a matter of interest, you remark that “we all know” that the King is “a healthy, robust man” — is there a specific reason for making that particular observation?  Hypothetically speaking, it may have been a little while since we’ve seen him, and we might be interested in his whereabouts and well-being.

Yours truly — and entirely unofficially,

Samuel Heath
Burger King Corporation

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