Johnny Depp Steals My Idea

Well, not really.  Disney’s New Mad Hatter Display that I pitched to Hill Holiday and Chili’s back in 2008, and they did a great job of it.

Using a flatscreen television, live video and audio, and an ornate picture frame, Disney made a seemingly flat digital display become an interactive attraction where park visitors got to speak directly to the Mad Hatter himself.  It was fantastic!  Check it out below:

Thing is, White Paper on Chili’s Interactive as a Harry Potter promotion in Chili’s restaurants back in 2008. The folks at Hill, Holiday never even responded. If this idea is already eight years old, imagine what we could do now?

White Paper on Chili’s Interactive to see my 2008 white paper on how Chili’s could have used this technology to boost customer visits to their store, while cross-promoting the Harry Potter movies.

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