Bad TV Spots: State Farm “Road Trip”

She dropped everything to go help her asshole son.

She dropped everything to go help her asshole son.

You’ve all seen the State Farm commercials, where a state farm customer needs something from their insurance agency, and simply by singing the song, a representative appears in a puff of smoke to help them.  It’s a bit silly, but cute.

In every commercial, another person who doesn’t have State Farm sings a similar magic jingle and somebody shows up who can’t help much.

In “Road Trip,” some guy named Jimmy rear-ends a family of four and both guys sing their magic jingles.  The first guy, who Jimmy hit, has State Farm and is fine.  When Jimmy sings his song, his mother shows up.  They’re in the middle of the desert, and his mother magically appears to help him, sitting on the phone, on hold, to assist her son.  When his mother says there are six callers ahead of them, Jimmy tells her that she’s not helping rather petulantly.

Wait, what?

Jimmy can’t fucking drive and hits a family of four from behind, and then when his mother travels to the desert to help him out, he gets flip with her?  How much an asshole do you have to be to ask your magic mother to drop what she’s doing to cover your stupid ass, and then insult her in front of strangers?

The commercial should have ended with his mother shooting a bolt of lightning up Jimmy’s ass.  No, mistreating your generous mother is  never funny.  This commercial failed.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the TV spot below: